Thomas Jefferson was fiercely determined to assure our right to sail the Mighty Mississippi

Revisiting History

President Jefferson’s determination to ensure the Louisiana Purchase was executed made him one of our greatest heroes. He altered the shape of the nation and the course of history because he knew for certain that protecting the river was something we must never forget. The Crescent River Pilots keep this vision alive by taking on this vital calling to protect our river for generations to come.

New Orleans exists because of the Mississippi River. If you take a moment to pause and reflect on the details of our port city’s rich history, it should bring a sense of pride knowing that the place we call home serves as the backbone for America’s economy.

Without the Mighty Mississippi, our lives would look completely different. Luckily the river serves as a constant reminder that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. So many people fought for so many years to control our lands. Thomas Jefferson with his fierce determination became one of our greatest heroes, as he initiated the Louisiana Purchase. Protecting the river is a calling we must never forget, a calling that state river pilots honor every minute of every day.

They guard the river as Mark Twain did, demonstrating their commitment to show up each and every day of every year, in good weather or bad to ensure that our safety and economy it supports suffers no peril. In honor of days past, the historic beauties of the Tall Ships of America set out to traverse the Mighty Mississippi once more.

Requiring the navigational skill of local state pilots, and in the spirit of New Orleans’ 300-year celebration, the Crescent River Port Pilots Association donated their time required to ensure each vessel a safe voyage. The Crescent Pilots and Tall Ships of America together made this event a reality, and further highlighted New Orleans and its relationship to the Mississippi River.

The River, November 2018CRPPA